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Meet Our Team Of Academic Editors…

Ready to serve you with professional editing services 24/7!

Sure, you could try your luck with some unreliable “freelance editor” from the Philippines, India or even the US who may-or-may-not forget your deadline as soon as he has another commitment...

- OR -

…You can stick with a company with true professionals and a proven track record since 1994.

With, you’ll always be able to depend on our dedicated team of professional editors. Every single member of our editing team has over 10 years of experience, many have PhDs, and unlike other services who assign jobs to only one editor. Meet a couple of our brilliant team of professional editors now!

Thesis and Dissertation Editors Bios

(This is a selection of some of our editors and does not reflect our entire team which continues to grow daily!)


Denise was the sole editor of a political science journal for six years. She holds both a BA and MA in English and has been editing professionally for over thirteen years. And expert in APA, MLA, and The Chicago Manual of Style, she even teaches APA. And make sure your facts are straight because Denise pays specific attention to the Blue Book citation style and legal language conventions.

Denise really has an uncanny ability to boil language down to the bare bones. She scopes out situations where too many words muddy up your writing, and she’s particularly fond of melting away confusion through esoteric phrasing and the use of jargon. Clarity and readability are her focuses, so you can expect your manuscript to sing with interest and precision.

No matter what you write, Denise has her eyes on your prize. She edits fiction and non-fiction, essays, as well as various types of scholastic papers. If you write it, Denise can edit it.

Her memberships include: Editorial Freelancers’ Association, The American Copy Editors’ Society, Modern Language Association, Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature, Illinois Philological Association, and Sigma Tau Delta, an international English Honor’s Society.

Thanks for your detailed editing

"It has been amazing to see how diligently you went through the text.  Your grammar, spelling and suggestions have been very useful and I appreciate every one of the thousands of little things you have done to make the story a better read. Once again thanks for everything."
- Zulfi B, The Netherlands

Denise. Awesome work ...

"From a sow’s ear to a silk purse – you genius!"
- Mike C, San Fransisco, USA


Joanne’s been a professional editor for over eighteen years, and her work has been exemplary. She has worked as editor and coordinator for a number of local and international publications from sports newsletters to regional new sources in Mongolia and internationally for Asian Correspondent. She’s keenly familiar with the publishing industry and what it takes to get your work published. You can catch some of Joanne’s other pieces in The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Canberra Times, Chicago Tribune, and San Francisco Examiner – to name but a few.

Her alma mater is in Australia, where she received her BA in a double major of journalism focusing on feature writing and photojournalism. Though a highly educated and seasoned professional, Joanne is no stiff. She can breathe clarity into your writing by making it conversational, and her adherence to deadlines is second to none. She’s an expert in high attention to detail with descriptive, colorful writing in a variety of cultural contexts and language. If you write articles, non-fiction, or children’s books, it will behoove you to get Joanne on your side.

Can’t thank you enough for this!

"Everything looks wonderful. Am so looking forward to it coming back from the printers. We should have champers, no?"
- Luke, Perth, Australia

First I want thank you for the wonderful editing job you did on my manuscript.

"Truthfully, I feel that I've looked at it a million time and I knew I needed fresh eyes to see what I was not. Frankly, I was sick of looking at it. So thank you, thank you. I have another paper nearly finished and I will be back for your editing once again. Thank you!"
- Joyce, United Kingdom


As a professional editor, Marissa simply gets the job done . . . and done right. The proof is in her amazing career. Marissa has been project editor and copyeditor for two National Geographic books as well as a laundry list of novels.

Marissa’s ongoing studies have led her to the university in the UK where she’s  continually taking courses on Astronomy, Oceanography, Mammal Biology, and Natural History/Fossils. She’s certified in Animal Nursing and Technology and General Animal Science from the university in New Zealand. Talk about well rounded! And Marissa’s editing savvy will help you strengthen your voice, express yourself ultra-clearly, and create page after page of stories so colorful and descriptive, the reader will easily be swept away in your words.

Marissa’s interests are speculative fiction, nature, astronomy, photography, traveling, and the undying practice of crafting lifelike stories. With over 100 projects in her pocket, Marissa admittedly loves editing science-fiction, fantasy, and paranormal manuscripts and can even provide you with query packages, synopses, critiques, and a bio. Expect the best: Marissa is fluent in The Chicago Manual of Style, The Oxford Style Manual, The National Geographic Style Manual, APA, MLA, and Turabian style. What’s more, she is up-to-snuff on both American, British and Australian spelling and punctuation standards.

Marissa,thank you, thank you, and thank you!

"You have no idea what it means to me to have that kind of critique/feedback. After reading many of your suggestions that "ah-ha" feeling came upon me. It makes lots of sense and more flow now. Thanks a million."
- Kyle B, Boston, USA


"I'm very much satisfied with the editing and want to thank you. Your editing is really out of the top drawer. "
- Fanie H, Taiwan

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Thank you for the great editing service. My professor was really impressed by my paper.

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